We are leaders in implementing innovative management solutions, using the latest technology and the best people in the industry to realise the highest potential for every car park and achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We pride ourselves in offering our clients a platinum service with personalised solutions. Care Park further sets itself apart with its established property management and services division, offering in-house resources to ensure we manage not only the operations and business of the car park but the property and facility as well.

We are unique, as apart from being an operator and manager of car parks, the Care Park Group also has ownership interests in a substantial portfolio of car parking freehold properties across 5 countries.  We are uniquely placed with experience and knowledge in property development and acquisition of car parks as well as their operation to world-leading standards.

Care Park’s operations are headquartered in five countries and currently employs more than 1,000 people across its global operations. Our diverse, talented and innovative workforce comprises senior executives with many years of experience in the industry which, combined with strong commercial, operational, financial, sales & marketing and strategic planning teams provides our clients with industry-leading services in the management and marketing of their properties to reach the maximum potential of their assets.


Care Park Services

Care Park’s Services help provide our corporate clients with in-house knowledge they can use to further develop and grow their business enterprises in parking and property development portfolios.

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Technology & Innovation

Care Park provides end to end services for the procurement, manufacturing, development and delivery of all types of parking equipment and technology solutions

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Design & Construction

Care Park offers design, development solutions for small and major building projects. We actively seek opportunities to improve the development and construction elements for car park projects.

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