Care park is part of the queen victoria market precinct renewal project

A new era of parking will be implemented at Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market as part of the Precinct Renewal Project.

Following an extensive tender process, Care Park has been awarded the contract to manage the car park, as well as provide the necessary integrated technology and systems to meet design criteria and specifications required for the market.

Australian Parking Consultants has designed the new vehicle management system for the Queen Victoria Market, including the construction of a 500-bay multi-level car park off Queen Street.

To manage the changed vehicle conditions in and around the market, Australian Parking Consultants is designing a fully integrated parking management technology platform which includes a state-of-the-art smart phone app, contactless access control, parking guidance, precinct guidance and loading dock management.

Other key elements of the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal project include:

  • The staged relocation of the existing open-air car park to provide 1.75 hectares of public open space
  • The proposed introduction of changed traffic conditions in Queen Street with restricted access during market days
  • A proposed dedicated and efficient loading dock facility
  • The installation of suitable technology and systems to manage the objectives of the strategy.The tailored system will be world class and unique to the Queen Victoria Market. It will be developed through the collaboration of three individual service providers, employing different integrated technologies:

CDS Worldwide – Ticketless Licence Plate Recognition parking access control
Smart Parking – Parking and precinct guidance using parking sensors, LED lights and dynamic signage
UbiPark – Phone application incorporating payment solutions, contactless digital discount validations, loading dock management and bay availability.

Benefits for users will include:

  • Frictionless entry
  • Live streamed bay availability and less time to find parking
  • Variable and discounted pricing with the option of payment by smart phone app
  • Fully automated management of the loading facility with pre-booking and dock allocation for market traders
  • Improved traffic flow around the market site

The ticketless integrated technology platform also provides contactless entry and exit, reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

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