Adding to the top 15 cities livability

Mobile access technology company Kisi has undertaken research examining which cities around the world promote the most holistic work-life balance based on work intensity, institutional support, legislation, livability and stress levels.

Of the top 15 cities, Care Park has parking operations which provide state-of-the-art parking facilities that enhance the driver experience in three of the top 15 cities – Sydney, London and Budapest.

The top 15 cities listed – on the basis of vacations taken, paid maternal and parental leave, commuting, access to mental healthcare, city stress, air pollutants and leisure – were, in order, as follows: Helsinki, Munich, Oslo, Hamburg, Stockholm, Berlin, Zurich, Barcelona, Paris, Vancouver, Ottawa, London, Toronto, Budapest and Sydney.

The Care Group continues to grow its global footprint providing parking and building management services across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the UK and Hungary creating more reasons for making the world’s top cities more livable.

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