The Sapphires


HIT Productions presents the Sapphires. A funny heart-warming award-winning musical play, inspired by a true story.

The Sapphires is a multiple award-winning musical play and film that is coming to the Princess Theatre stage…. for the first time.

Four young women from regional Australia, who like singing country music, suddenly get the chance to change their tune, their clothes and their lives.

Wearing sequins, armed only with microphones they find themselves trying to spread joy in the hell that is the Vietnam War.

The Sapphires is a funny, heart-warming tale inspired by the true story of four Women, who sing Motown hits against the backdrop of personal change and massive social upheaval. It is an energetic, fun and engaging play that affirms life and the realisation of dreams.

Teton Gravity Research: Winterland at Launceston


Winterland; presented by The North Face celebrates our athletes’ connection to the roots of skiing and snowboarding while showcasing the pure joy that is found in the place where earth and sky collide.

By exploring the history, places, and people, we learn how intimately connected we are with those who came before. This story of adventure and passion is far from over, as TGR’s modern-day pioneers are eager to etch their names in the annals of history.

Follow these individuals as they leave their own mark on fabled locations and chase the ghosts of the greats who came before them.

Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival


The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG), in Launceston, is hosting the ultimate family day out!
Dinosaur rEvolution is designed to appeal directly to families, dinosaur enthusiasts, and educational groups.

Get on down to the QVMAG and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.