Australians called to speed up their uptake of electric vehicles

While experts are calling for Australians to lift their purchase of electric vehicles, Care Park has been reviewing its car park operation and how it can integrate rolling out electric vehicle charging station plans across its network of car parks.

Emissions from road transport account for 10 per cent of global emissions – and that number is rising faster than any other sector, as highlighted in the latest Global EV Outlook report.

This month, governmental delegates from around the world will meet in Glasgow as part of the United Nations’ 26th annual climate change summit, the Conference of the Parties (COP26). Countries are asked to bring ambitious targets to deliver on carbon-reducing initiatives including the switch to electric vehicles (EV).

Developed nations around the world, including the United Kingdom and Canada, have already pledged to phase out sales or registrations of new internal combustion engine cars by a certain date – but Australia has not.
Nowhere near the finish line

Despite being one of the world’s leaders in renewable energy research and innovation, Australia’s vehicle emission standard is still based on the European Emission Standard five, which is now more than a decade old. More than 80 per cent of the global car market now follows ‘Euro Six’ vehicle emission standards, including Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, China, India and Mexico.

Beyond the failure to reduce regional air pollution, Australian standards have also fallen behind in mandating fuel efficiency and hence lower greenhouse emissions. Cleaner and more fuel efficient internal combustion engine cars can assist in reducing both local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

So how can Australia commit to zero emission vehicle goals if it’s behind on global vehicle emission standards?

Associate Professor Iain MacGill, Joint Director of UNSW Collaboration on Energy and Environmental Markets, says despite Australia’s move to support clean electricity initiatives, it hasn’t made a serious effort to address transport related emissions.

“The transport sector is one of the continuing growth areas of Australia’s emissions profile,” he says.

“However, we’ve seen so many petrol-fuelled sports utility vehicles and twin cab utes being purchased that it seems likely that the average fuel efficiency of Australian cars is going backwards.

“We are actually making progress on cleaning up electricity, but really struggling with transport emissions, which continue to climb.”

Chicken and egg debate

The pathway to zero emission transport almost certainly requires electric vehicles fuelled by zero emission electricity. Last year, less than one per cent of new cars bought in Australia were EVs. That compares with more than four per cent globally, almost six per cent in China and nearly 75 per cent in Norway.

Renewable energy expert, Associate Professor Anna Bruce from UNSW School of Photovoltaics and Renewable Energy Resources, says the absence of clear Government policy is the biggest reason why Australia is lagging in the transition to EVs – making it difficult for manufacturers to focus on serving the Australian market.

“The catalogue of EVs available to Australian drivers is very limited because we don’t really have a clear policy on it. This discourages car manufacturers from investing in producing left-hand drive versions of vehicles that are already available overseas,” she says.

“It’s also difficult to import second-hand vehicles into the country and on top of that, there are additional road taxes for EV owners. So, it’s roadblocks like these which are impeding the adoption of EVs in Australia.

“It’s like the chicken and egg dilemma – but without proper policy and regulation, then demand for EVs will remain low.”

The same can be said about the network of EV charging infrastructure, says Associate Professor MacGill.

“Why should Australia invest in more charging stations if there’s little EV sales? At the same time, why would drivers buy an EV if they’re concerned about the lack of charging stations?” he says.

“Australia’s an interesting mix in that we’re highly urbanised – so we take the view that our car should get us around town for 51 weeks of the year. But for the other week we might want to drive all the way to another state.

“In most cases, nearly all the charging happens at home anyway but it’s for those special occasions where we need to drive long distances.

“The charging network can satisfy the number of current EVs but if that number were to double overnight, there will be challenges and we’ll need to rollout more infrastructure to support demand.”

Care Park’s review of car parks and discussions with electric vehicle makers, is a step in the right direction that car parks can meet the needs of electric vehicle charging.

The road ahead

There’s a lot to learn from how other countries have successfully adopted EVs.

Care Park has a number of car parks across Europe including the UK, Hungary and Poland and is well placed to leverage its European experience in implementing electric vehicle charging stations into its Australian car parks.

There is a call for Australia to get serious about reducing emissions from transport. Calls have been made to start with a cohesive and holistic approach from both the State and Federal Government.

Norway went with a portfolio method when introducing policy. Beyond initiatives such as reducing upfront capital costs, subsidies, or access to special lanes, they signalled to the market that they were serious about this and there was no going back.


Care Park prides itself on the excellence and contributions of its staff to provide our clients the best customer experience at every level of their parking journey with us.

In 2000 the newly formed Care Park which had started operations in Victoria a couple of years beforehand, expanded its Victorian operation into Tasmania with the purchase of one of the buildings located in the Quadrant Plaza to house its Launceston operations. It later has become the headquarters of Care Park’s Tasmania services.

Care Park staffer Lynne Newton is an integral part of Care Park’s Tasmania journey and a well-known staffer to many customers who were greeted by her for many years when there was still a ticket booth at the Quadrant Plaza car park, which Care Park manages.

Lynne has served 18 years at Care Park and this year, in October, celebrates a milestone birthday – she will be 80 and officially an octogenarian. Age has not caught up with Lynne’s boundless energy and the enthusiasm she shows for all the work she does at Care Park.

Lynne first became known to the Care Park team as a tenant in the arcade building purchased by Care Park in 2000.

In a short time, Care Park staff could see Lynne had energy to boot and was asked if she could fill in at the Quadrant Plaza ticket booth on a casual basis which she did happily meeting lots of residents and visitors along the way.

Her happy disposition and ability to resolve difficult customer complaints came to the fore some years ago when she was to be one of the team to handle customer enquiries and field questions about overdue payment notices.

“It was one of those situations where I needed to show respect for their anger, but at the same time we provided a service and we hadn’t been paid for that parking service so we were chasing up those owed monies. The conversations weren’t easy, but showing respect was important in all those conversations,” Lynne says.

“Through my 18 years at Care Park I have seen a lot of technology changes. When I started with Care Park the technology we were using was the CMA coin machines and we only had a few car parks in Tasmania, three of which were run as a manned booth.

“I’ve seen technology progress to Focus coin machines, then CDS coin/card machines, automation technology and phone parking apps. I have been involved in the transition from handwritten payment notices to autocite technology and now witnessing the implementation of the new smart phone technology.”

In 2013 Lynne finished her role manning the booth at the Quadrant Plaza car park as the car park was automated. Her enthusiasm and happy disposition made her the perfect candidate to take on the public relations role assisting customers to transition to new technology in parking.

Her experience in this role was carried through to Burnie for the automation of the Burnie Plaza car park which too was a manned car park.

“It was my role to train the staff and assist customers with the changes. I’ve worked with a team of five and six other Care Park staffers, but during the recent COVID times my work has been with two other staffers complementing each other’s duties and keeping our customers safe.”

Lynne pays tribute to her colleagues and also one of the car park owners Don and Janet Allen.

“I’ve enjoyed many an extravagant Christmas Party put on by our landlords Don and Janet Allen, Care Park parties and social events with staff over the years and enjoy the strong family feel culture cultivated at Care Park.

“After 18 years at Care Park and celebrating this milestone birthday, I’m so pleased I’ll be sharing it with the staff here,” Lynne said.

Happy birthday to Lynne Newton from all the Care Park team – our wonderful 80 year old turning 18.


Lynne has been widowed twice. She has three children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

She enjoys ballroom dancing, water aerobics and dressmaking.

Her latest achievement has been to build a 7-metre entertaining deck with the help of a friend while going through radiation treatment for breast cancer.


Care Park has been named a finalist in two categories of the 2021 Parking Industry Awards.

The awards are held in conjunction with the biennial Parking Australia Convention & Exhibition 2021.

The finalists consist of 29 entries across seven categories, including a new category which recognises the introduction of sustainable features in car parks.

Care Park was named a finalist in the category of Outstanding Marketing and Communications with the nomination of the company’s proactive strategy to clients: Care Park driving COVID chapter communications.

Furthermore, one of Care Park’s up and coming stars of the parking industry, Daniel Matthews’ entry in the Parking Young Achiever Award category, also reached finalist stage.

Daniel is Care Park’s Care Assist supervisor, managing customer interactions, needs and complaints and resolving them successfully and positively for the customer and the company.

The Parking Industry Awards celebrate the achievements of organisations and teams who attain the highest industry standards through the use of technology, innovation and the development of outstanding facilities.

The Awards also highlight young achievers in the parking industry, who showcase best practice and exceptional contributions.

Care Park continues to be a strong supporter of the parking industry’s pinnacle association, Parking Australia, supporting the organisation’s industry lobbying efforts, and the annual conference each with sponsorship and encourages high staff attendance. This year Care Park has also sponsored one of the seven award category nominations – Excellence in Technology and Innovation – On Street.

The finalists in this category are:

DCA – Real time infringements
Town of Cambridge – Ticket machines
SenSen Networks and Brisbane City Council – Environmental Mapping Technology (EMT)
EasyPark – Find and Park Solution
Smarter City Solutions –  Innovating the Hills Shire Council’s parking infringement collection process.

Winners from each of the seven categories will be announced at a Parking Industry Awards gala event to be announced shortly.


Queen Victoria Market officially opened its new 500-space undercover car park last week, heralding a new era for customer parking at Melbourne’s iconic city market. The car park is the first public facility to open as part of the new Munro Development and has increased the Market’s capacity to over 1,000 car spaces, managed by Care Park.

Care Park has overseen parking services at Queen Victoria Market for the past 10 years and is proud to continue the relationship with the opening of its newest car park facility, right in the heart of the Market on the corner of Queen and Therry Streets.

Care Park was awarded the tender to manage the new car park following a competitive tender process. The technology platform used to manage the parking facility was designed by Australian Parking Consultants (APC). In response, Care Park has provided the latest fully integrated parking technology and innovation, boasting a seamless parking experience for customers as they enter and exit.

The innovations in customer parking include:

  • the environmentally-friendly ticketless parking solution delivered by Licence Plate Recognition technology
  • Parking guidance system which integrates seamlessly to the Queen Victoria App advising motorists of real-time car park occupancy
  • Visual Messaging System for important notifications
  • Queen Victoria Market smart phone application which guides motorists to their intended destination
  • Touchless parking that is achieved via the smart phone app powered by UbiPark
  • Precinct guidance signage with integrated space counters installed throughout the precinct


Care Park Managing Director Robert Belteky has praised the vision of City of Melbourne in its Queen Victoria Market renewal plans.

“Not only does this site preserve the cultural and historical journey of the Market’s development but it also sets the path for the next century of growth to meet the requirements of a growing and vibrant city and its community needs,” Mr Belteky said.

“Care Park is constantly innovating its technological solutions to meet client requirements and the new undercover car park incorporates the latest parking technology to deliver innovation to customers which enhances their parking experience.

“Our role is to provide end-to-end parking services. We are proud of the state-of-the-art parking features we have incorporated at the new Queen Victoria Market undercover car park which gives customers a parking guidance system that interfaces with the Market’s smart phone app, providing turn-by-turn navigation and pay-by-phone options,” Mr Belteky said.

The renewal of Queen Victoria Market and its surrounding precinct has been designed to restore the Market’s heritage while delivering modern facilities to improve the Market experience for traders, customers and visitors.

The Munro development is a key project of the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal Program and is expected to deliver an estimated $70 million of public benefit to the growing northern CBD precinct. When fully completed in 2022, Munro will also include affordable housing, community facilities, a boutique hotel, complementary hospitality and retail stores, plus new open spaces and laneways.

Care Park continues to lead the way in providing innovative parking experiences.


A new era of parking will be implemented at Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market as part of the Precinct Renewal Project.

Following an extensive tender process, Care Park has been awarded the contract to manage the car park, as well as provide the necessary integrated technology and systems to meet design criteria and specifications required for the market.

Australian Parking Consultants has designed the new vehicle management system for the Queen Victoria Market, including the construction of a 500-bay multi-level car park off Queen Street.

To manage the changed vehicle conditions in and around the market, Australian Parking Consultants is designing a fully integrated parking management technology platform which includes a state-of-the-art smart phone app, contactless access control, parking guidance, precinct guidance and loading dock management.

Other key elements of the Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal project include:

  • The staged relocation of the existing open-air car park to provide 1.75 hectares of public open space
  • The proposed introduction of changed traffic conditions in Queen Street with restricted access during market days
  • A proposed dedicated and efficient loading dock facility
  • The installation of suitable technology and systems to manage the objectives of the strategy.The tailored system will be world class and unique to the Queen Victoria Market. It will be developed through the collaboration of three individual service providers, employing different integrated technologies:

CDS Worldwide – Ticketless Licence Plate Recognition parking access control
Smart Parking – Parking and precinct guidance using parking sensors, LED lights and dynamic signage
UbiPark – Phone application incorporating payment solutions, contactless digital discount validations, loading dock management and bay availability.

Benefits for users will include:

  • Frictionless entry
  • Live streamed bay availability and less time to find parking
  • Variable and discounted pricing with the option of payment by smart phone app
  • Fully automated management of the loading facility with pre-booking and dock allocation for market traders
  • Improved traffic flow around the market site

The ticketless integrated technology platform also provides contactless entry and exit, reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19.


Care Park has been recognised for its excellence of operations and delivery of services at the 2020 Parking Australia Awards, winning the premier award of Parking Organisation of Year.

The awards were held on Tuesday 24 November via video link before a gathered audience of industry leaders, parking operators and suppliers to the parking industry.

Care Park Managing Director Robert Belteky said, “An achievement of this significance shows the calibre and strength of the people of our organisation.

“In Care Park’s 23 years we have grown to become a recognisable and trusted name in the parking industry.

“The expertise of our people, implementing cutting-edge innovation and leading in the delivery of technology have seen us be recognised again as the Parking Organisation of the Year,” Mr Belteky said.

Care Park previously won Parking Organisation of the Year in 2017.

“After a year like no other, this award recognises Care Park’s determination to overcome adversity to continue to deliver the best in parking services to Australians and exporting this expertise worldwide,” Mr Belteky said.

Care Park’s feature projects in the awards were:

The implementation of a ticketless parking system at National Capital Authority in Canberra, across 50 car parks comprising 9000 car bays and the transformation of the Flinders Medical Centre major hospital parking facility in Adelaide into a state-of-the-art car park.

Both of these projects were delivered during the height of COVID focusing on keeping the user experience positive and the delivery of the projects on budget and on time.

“2020 has been a challenging year at Care Park and for many companies and individuals in the parking industry. This award is even more significant than ever for Care Park, that despite the challenges our organisation has faced, we outshone our industry peers to be named the Parking Organisation of the Year.

Parking Australia president Sharon Prior said the prestigious Parking Industry Awards are an opportunity for the industry to recognise excellence, by showcasing exemplary projects from the last 12-18 months.

“Twenty-six submissions were received from around the country and a panel of nine industry judges reviewed and scored the submissions, based on the submission criteria.

“The number of submissions received, during such a challenging period, is a reflection of the innovation and resilience our sector shows,”, Sharon Prior said.

The Parking Industry Awards category winners were:

Outstanding Customer Service (sponsored by SKIDATA Australasia)

Winner: Wilson Parking

Excellence in Technology and Innovation – Off Street

Winner: Mirvac

Excellence in Technology and Innovation – On Street (sponsored by Designa Australia)

Winner: Smarter City Solutions

Outstanding Marketing and Communications (sponsored by UbiPark)

Winner: Wilson Parking

Parking Organisation of the Year (sponsored by DCA)

Winners: Care Park


Care Park begins a new era of car parking service delivery in the ACT with the implementation of an end-to-end management service for the National Capital Authority (NCA).

The contract to provide parking to the National Capital Authority is the largest single contract for parking services in the ACT. It covers the entire parliamentary zone.

The new service delivery begins this month across 9000 car parking bays at 50 sites.

Care Park Development Executive Officer Steve Hargitay says this new era of car park management solutions delivers 125 state-of-the-art ticketless payment machines to parking in the ACT.

“The payment machines are complemented by the introduction of pay-by-phone technology as an alternative to the payment machines,” Steve Hargitay says.

The pay-by-phone system provides a new era of ticketless parking and also incorporates virtual permits allowing customers to park seamlessly using the virtual permit system rather than paying for tickets on a daily basis.

A fully serviced Care Park office in the Parkes district and team of parking services officers will roll out the parking services for the National Capital Authority. The site was chosen for staff to be able to quickly service and attend to parking needs within the parliamentary zone.

Care Park’s role is to provide the National Capital Authority the full life cycle of parking services.

“We’re providing an end-to-end service from bookings to payment to finalisation of the transaction at all levels,” Steve Hargitay says.

Care Park prides itself on the delivery and implementation of the latest state-of-the-art equipment, personalising parking solutions for each site and customer needs.

“The roll out of Care Park’s services to the National Capital Authority delivers customers fully integrated technology, a seamless parking journey and a sustainable and environmentally favourable service delivery.

“We’re looking forward to providing the best of our expertise, knowledge and advice in the delivery of these parking services to the NCA. As a company, Care Park values its relationships with our clients, not just as a working relationship, but a relationship where our delivery drives our clients’ success in providing customers a modern-day, seamless parking experience,” Steve Hargitay says.

Care Park is a leader in implementing innovative management solutions, using the latest technology and the best people in the industry to realise the highest potential for every car park and achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

We pride ourselves in offering our clients a platinum service with personalised solutions. Care Park further sets itself apart with its established property management and services division offering in-house resources to ensure we manage not only the operations and business of the car park but the property and facility as well.

We are unique, as apart from being an operator and manager of car parks, the Care Park Group also has ownership interests in a substantial portfolio of car parking freehold properties across five countries.  We are uniquely placed with experience and knowledge in property development and acquisition of car parks as well as their operation to world-leading standards.


Care Park has opened 15,000 car parking spaces around Melbourne at 30 car park locations for $5 per day, to support all essential workers from medical to those needed to continue to work to keep Melbourne and surrounds operational.

From 27 July to 31 August 2020, all-day parking will cost only $5 at car parks located from Dandenong in the east to right across metropolitan Melbourne.

The initiative to support Victoria’s essential workers has been realised through a partnership with Parkhound, offering drivers an online booking portal to book and pay for their parking.

This parking initiative will alleviate extra stress, as your parking space is reserved for you before you arrive. Drivers can book online to avoid contact with public pay machines and there is no need to move your car throughout the day to avoid parking fines.

The opening of all these parking spaces at such affordable pricing has certainly grabbed the attention of media around the city from the Herald Sun to the Dandenong Leader to In Melbourne Today to the Weekend Notes.

Everyone wants a good story and good experience, and that’s just what Care Park and Parkhound are bringing to Melbourne parking.

Check out here the full list of $5 parking sites around Melbourne.
Melbourne drivers can book these spaces online or through the Parkhound app:

  • 417 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
  • 15-23 Langhorne St, Dandenong
  • 25 Doveton St S, Ballarat Central
  • 524 Chapel St, South Yarra,
  • 370 Docklands Dr, Docklands
  • 973 Nepean Hwy, Bentleigh
  • 2 Belford St, St Kilda
  • 11-17 Daly St, South Yarra
  • 11 Montague St, Southbank
  • 55 Merchant St, Docklands
  • 29 Moray St, Southbank
  • 360 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
  • 145 Furlong Rd, Sunshine North
  • 9 Yarra St, South Yarra,
  • 247-255 Drummond St, Carlton
  • 670 Chapel St, South Yarra,
  • 14-40 Stewart St, Shepparton
  • 120 Bay St, Port Melbourne
  • 13-21 Palmerston Cres, South Melbourne
  • 31 Field St, Ballarat Central
  • 25 Doveton St S, Ballarat Central
  • 524 Chapel St, South Yarra
  • 507 Flinders St, Melbourne
  • Edward St Edward St, Brunswick
  • 338-360 Dudley St, West Melbourne
  • 2 Kavanagh St, Southbank
  • 35 Elizabeth St, Richmond
  • 21 Thomas St, Dandenong
  • 179 Little Bourke St, Melbourne
  • 18-38 Siddeley St, Docklands



In these times when we’re having to watch hygiene and what we touch, stay isolated but still have to go about our daily business to keep things running, here’s some peace of mind if you have to go into Adelaide’s city centre and find parking.

Care Park take this worry away from you because five car parks in the Adelaide City Centre can be booked and paid for using your mobile phone.

With more consciousness around social distancing, the surfaces we touch and our hygiene, Care Park’s MyCarePark app will help you park conveniently and avoid as much contact as possible with public infrastructure when parking your car.

Stress-free parking using the MyCarePark app is available at any of these Adelaide car parks:

  • Pitt St
  • Henry Waymouth
  • The Terrace
  • Blyth St
  • Roper St


Go to to conveniently select your car park and pay online before leaving home or the office.

MyCarePark allows customers to search online and purchase a parking ticket in advance for a nominated period. Payments are made at the time of booking. This convenient parking and paying option gives Care Park customers additional, convenient parking options.



Care Park keeps you moving in good times and in tough times.

With more consciousness around social distancing, the surfaces we touch and our hygiene, Care Park’s MyCarePark app will help you park conveniently and avoid as much contact as possible with public infrastructure when parking your car.

For stress-free parking at any of these Melbourne Car Parks:

  • MidCity
  • Watergate
  • WTC
  • Siddeley
  • 120 Spencer Street
  • Colonnade
  • St Kilda Sea Baths


Go to to conveniently select your car park and pay online before leaving home or the office.

MyCarePark allows customers to search online and purchase a parking ticket in advance for a nominated period. Payments are made at the time of booking. This convenient parking and paying option gives Care Park customers additional, convenient parking options.

Care Park is at the forefront of technological solutions and the MyCarePark online system, which is accessed through the website, enables customers to conveniently park.

The MyCarePark app gives customers a greater peace of mind as it takes the stress out of for a parking spot that minimises contact with infrastructure and also there is no more lining up to pay.

My Care Park gives customers the advantage of more parking savings with exclusive discounts only available online. Special early bird rates are also available online.









Ensuring sustainable practices are implemented in all Care Park operations is at the forefront of the company’s ongoing commitment to delivering a positive future to the car parking industry, motorists and society.

Since Care Park began its operations 22 years ago, the company has continued to grow the delivery of practices which implement sustainable solutions within the company and the community Care Park serves.

One of the biggest improvements in creating a more sustainable future has been the introduction of technology and parking payment options created through ticket-less parking.

In each country where Care Park provides parking – Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the UK and Hungary, upgrades are being implemented within the car parks to ensure a cleaner, safer and more sustainable future.

In addition to introducing ticket-less parking, the biggest roll out of environmentally-friendly initiatives is the installation of LED lighting in Care Park-managed car parks.

Care Park Global General Manager Fedi Chalhoub says, “The car parking industry is a major service provider to motorists. Care Park realises we need to look at ways of ensuring our car parks make a contribution to a more sustainable environment, reducing waste and improving efficiencies.

“We will continue to drive these outcomes as we take on new car parks and refurbish our current ones. It’s a constant process of improvement, not just for us as a company but for all our operations and our clients knowing we are part of the greener movement,” Mr Chalhoub says.

Some of the sustainability initiatives introduced at our Car Parks in Australia include:


  • Watts Street, Box HillEnergy-efficient lighting LED
  • 2-10 Harrow Street, Box HillEnergy-efficient motion sensor lighting LED and electric car charging
  • 600 St Kilda Rd, St KildaEnergy-efficient motion sensor lighting LED
  • 28 La Trobe Street, MelbourneEnergy-efficient LED lighting
  • 120 Spencer Street, MelbourneElectric car charging
  • Hub Arcade, DandenongEnergy-efficient LED lighting
  • Central SQ Shopping Centre, 25 Doveton Street South BallaratEnergy-efficient LED lighting
  • Woolworth’s, St KildaEnergy-efficient lighting LED



  • Macquarie Point, Hobart Electric car charge stations



  • 53 Charlotte Street, Brisbane Energy-efficient motion sensor LED lighting

Online booking offers parkers an efficient way to book and pay for their parking avoiding the need for paper chits to be dispensed at the car park.

Fedi Chalhoub says, “At these sites the parker can pre-book online and they receive a 4 digit pin which they insert at entry and exit to access the car park.”

Online booking is available at the following car parks in Brisbane:

  • Festival Car Park
  • Mercure Hotel Car Park
  • 40 Tank Street Car Park
  • Novotel Hotel Car Park
  • 129 Margaret Street Car Park
  • 240 Margaret Street Car Park



  • Woolworth’s, Mona Vale Ticket-less parking
  • Australian National University, Canberra Ticket-less parking
  • Bigge Street, Liverpool Solar-powered pay and display machines



  • Henry Waymouth Car Park Solar system installed and LED lighting
  • Roper Street Par Park Solar system installed and LED lighting
  • Blyth Street Car Park LED lighting
  • Roper Street Car Park LED lighting
  • Pirie Street Car Park LED lighting
  • Pitt Street Car Park LED lighting
  • The Terrace Car Park LED lighting
  • Partridge East and West Car Park Ticket-less parking
  • University of South Australia Virtual parking system (highly advanced ticket-less parking system)



Leading global parking operator Care Park has again been recognised in being at the forefront of innovation, people and technology with four parking sites it manages and has partnerships with, named finalists of the 2019 Parking Industry Awards.

Three Care Park managed sites were named finalists in the Outstanding New Car Park Development category. Care Park’s nomination of its Opera Car Park Redevelopment showcased the redevelopment of the Opera car park in Budapest, Hungary to become a state-of-the-art jewel in the crown of European parking standards on which to model other car park developments.

Meanwhile City of Stonnington nominated its Prahran Square Car Park and Whitehorse City Council nominated its Box Hill Harrow Street Car Park. Both these car parks are managed by Care Park.

In the Excellence in Technology and Innovation-Off Street parking category, Sydney’s Liverpool City Council was named a finalist with its nomination of Impact of Technology and Innovation. Care Park provides Care Assist services to these operations.

It is the 4th year Care Park has been named a finalist and won its categories, including Outstanding Parking Organisation of the Year over two years.

The Awards celebrate the achievements of individuals, teams and organisations for innovation and excellence throughout the parking sector – showcasing best practice and rewarding exceptional and innovative facilities and solutions.

Parking Australia CEO Stuart Noman said: “There was a record-number of submissions for the Parking Industry Awards program, and the calibre of submissions was high in all categories, which demonstrates the professionalism and diversity of our industry and I congratulate all winners and finalists in such a competitive field.”

Entries to the 2019 program were judged by a panel of seven national and international industry professionals against a consistent set of judging criteria, using pre-determined scoring to progress entries into finalists and ultimately determining the winners in each category. The process is reviewed by Silver & Young Chartered Accountants to ensure compliance against the judging criteria.

More than 250 industry professionals attended Crown Melbourne between 27- 29 November to hear all the latest innovations in the parking industry.







Care Park continues its long association with the Launceston Cycling Festival, taking out a general  sponsorship of what has now become an annual event.

The event, which is one of the city’s biggest tourist sporting events, will be held on 8 December 2019.

It is a showcase of the world’s elite in cycling including national teams, local champions and emerging juniors.

Care Park Tasmania Manager, Julia How, says Care Park is proud to sponsor this premier event that brings together a large gathering of Tasmanian’s.

The event incorporates the feature event, the Stan Siejka Cycling Classic, Australia’s premier criterium event for men, women, masters and juniors.

The race is run around a European style course set around the picturesque Launceston City Park.

All events including the 2019 Stan Siejka Cycling Classic, Elite Women’s Cycling Classic, Elite Masters Cycling Classic and Veterans will be raced around this exciting and challenging course.

The 1.1km course is expected to provide riders with plenty of physical and technical challenges and deliver an outstanding spectator experience.

The new course which was first ridden in 2015 is the toughest and most technically challenging course since the event began in 2002.

The punchy climb (up Lawrence St) peaking at 16% provides plenty of entertainment for riders and spectators alike.   The climb is followed by the technical “Peanut” roundabout.  The roundabout is a viewing must, packed with cheering spectators resulting in a European style cauldron of noise, atmosphere and celebration.  Upon exiting the roundabout, riders lead into a fast decent of Brisbane, Tamar & Cimitiere streets before it all starts again.

The event attracts some 20,000 spectators and some 8000 on course. If peddle power is not your mode of transport to watch the races, then Care Park has plenty of convenient parking on offer at Gasworks car park, Hotel City Grand, Hotel Grand Chancellor and Yorktown Square.

Julia How says, “Care Park has a long history of providing car parking in Tasmania and we are proud to support the communities we work in.

More Information Event Information



Leading Australian car park provider Care Park has been named a finalist in the Parking Australia Outlook 2019 Awards.

Care Park entered the Outstanding New Car Park development category showcasing its Opera car park development in Budapest, Hungary.

The car park is a showcase of Care Park’s Australian innovation, technology and people, exporting these to Central Europe to revolutionised the customer experience at the Opera car park in Budapest which services the Hungarian National Opera, theater district and high-end shopping precinct.

The car park operated as a semi-automated and manual operation in a large 400 plus bay car park over 10 levels with dual two-street entry /exit points and was in a dilapidated state.

Care Park has utilized its experience, technology and innovation developed in Australia, with our Australian management team spending time in Budapest, to recruit and train a local management team who also spent time in Australia.

These Australian-developed systems, technology and expertise have fully transformed the level of parking service in Hungary.

In a further boost to Care Park’s presence in the Outstanding Car Park Development category, two other finalists in this category are car park developments managed by Care Park. These are: City of Stonnington – Prahran Square Car Park and Whitehorse City Council – Harrow Street Car Park, Box Hill.

The Parking Industry Awards celebrates the achievements of individuals, teams and organisations for excellence, outstanding facilities and innovation throughout the parking industry.

The Awards aim to highlight the industry’s commitment to raising the standards through showcasing best practice and rewarding exceptional contributions to the parking industry.

The award winners will be named at a gala presentation dinner on Thursday 28 November at Metropolis Events in Melbourne with guest presenter comedian, actor, television and radio presenter Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann.

The Awards aim to highlight the industry’s commitment to raising the standards through showcasing best practice and rewarding exceptional contributions to the parking industry.



Mobile access technology company Kisi has undertaken research examining which cities around the world promote the most holistic work-life balance based on work intensity, institutional support, legislation, livability and stress levels.

Of the top 15 cities, Care Park has parking operations which provide state-of-the-art parking facilities that enhance the driver experience in three of the top 15 cities – Sydney, London and Budapest.

The top 15 cities listed – on the basis of vacations taken, paid maternal and parental leave, commuting, access to mental healthcare, city stress, air pollutants and leisure – were, in order, as follows: Helsinki, Munich, Oslo, Hamburg, Stockholm, Berlin, Zurich, Barcelona, Paris, Vancouver, Ottawa, London, Toronto, Budapest and Sydney.

The Care Group continues to grow its global footprint providing parking and building management services across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the UK and Hungary creating more reasons for making the world’s top cities more livable.


Care Park’s Triple C approach – company, customers and community champions the human face of parking to create a safer environment for parkers and rough sleepers.

Care Park has formed partnerships with Launch Housing, St Vinnies and our corporate clients to provide rough sleepers using our car parks a safer housing environment.

Care Park sales and marketing manager, Jenna White, held discussions with Launch Housing, one of Victoria’s largest providers of housing and homelessness support services to form a partnership between Care Park and Launch Housing which has reduced the number of rough sleepers at Care Park car parks by 40%  and giving them safer accommodation and housing instead of simply reporting them to police and councils to move them on.

Care Park understands that homelessness as a growing problem in major metropolitan cities. Care Park was Jenna White’s major sponsor in the 2018 CEO Sleep out raising significant funds for the homeless organisations that house and accommodate rough sleepers.

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Care Park is a leading, major parking management group, operating more than 450 car parks in capital cities and provincial centres in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, UK and Hungary. The company was established 21 years ago and is at the forefront of technology-driven car park solutions in New Zealand and Australia and exporting its knowledge and expertise globally. It operates major car parks at high profile venues such as commercial properties and sports arenas.