By parking in one of our car parks you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions that are clearly displayed at the entrance to, and throughout our car parks. By leaving a vehicle parked in one of our facilities, a driver is entering into a contract with Care Park subject to these terms and conditions.

As with most parking facilities, our car parks are patrolled by Parking Services Officers, whose task is to ensure that all the vehicles within our car parks are parked in accordance with our terms and conditions – terms and conditions designed to promote the fair use of our car parks, and to which, as explained above, the drivers of vehicles in our facilities have agreed to be bound.

If vehicles are detected within our car parks as being parked in breach of our terms and conditions, our Parking Services Officers will issue the vehicle a payment notice. This payment notice will detail the time and date of its issue, along with the location of the car park, the registration of the subject vehicle and the reason for its issue. This payment notice will then be affixed to the windscreen of the subject vehicle.

Care Park has no power to, and does not issue fines.  A payment notice is not a fine.

A payment notice is a demand for payment of liquidated damages arising from the breach of the contract with Care Park that the driver of the subject vehicle entered into. As such, the sum demanded on our payment notice is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss incurred by Care Park due to the breach of contract.

Payment is due within 14 days (Australia) or 21 days (New Zealand) of the issue date of the payment notice. Care Park provides several methods of payment, for your convenience. You may pay online by Visa or Mastercard by clicking the below link:

… or you may pay over the phone by calling us toll-free. Our Australian customers may also pay in person at any post office,  and you also have the option to post payment by cheque or money order to our address.

For the address and phone number relevant to your location, please click below:

Care Park pursues recovery of any outstanding debts.  Any debts that remain unpaid will be passed to our solicitiors to pursue any such matters through the courts if necessary.