When you enter into, and choose to park in one of our facilities, you are agreeing to the contractual terms and conditions which are clearly displayed on signs that are posted at the entrance to, and throughout our car parks.

The contracts on display at our car parks may have minor differences depending on the type of facility. The contract on display at any given facility supersedes the example available here.

As can be seen from the example contract, by parking in our facilities, drivers agree to comply with all parking signs. Therefore, in car parks which provide free periods of parking, drivers agree to not exceed the clearly signed time limits. In ‘Pay and Display’ facilities, drivers agree to purchase and display a ticket that adequately covers the period in which they park their vehicle in our facility. Similarly, drivers agree to comply with the signage that marks out bays for disabled parking, reserved bays, loading bays and areas signed for no parking.

If a vehicle is detected in one of our facilities in breach of our terms and conditions, it will be issued with a payment notice by one of Care Park’s field officers. Our payment notices are a claim for liquidated damages arising from breach of the contract displayed at the given facility.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of parking, you must remove your vehicle and not park in our facility.