Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) is generally used in car parks where a free parking period is offered before parking fees apply.

LPR cameras photograph each car as it enters the car park and notes the time of entry.  If you wish to stay only for the free parking period, you do not need to obtain a free parking ticket.  However, if you intend to stay longer than the free parking period, you must purchase a ticket for your intended stay.  You may purchase this ticket upon arrival OR shortly before the free parking period expires.

Care Park’s patrol officers are alerted by the LPR system to which cars have exceeded the free parking period.  Payment Notices will be issued to these vehicles, unless they have a parking ticket covering it for a longer stay displayed on the dashboard.

Honouring parking terms and conditions and staying for the amount of free time given or paid time required, ensures parking costs are kept fair and low for all parkers.