At some of our car parks, customers are greeted by one of our friendly parking attendants manning the car park booth at entry and exit to the car park collecting payment for your parking time at our facility.

At these car parks customers will take a ticket from a ticket dispensing machine as they enter the car park, which activates a boom gate access opening to enter the car park.   On leaving the car park, customers proceeds to an exit point where a friendly Care Park staffer will process payment and collect the appropriate fee for the duration of parking.  Once payment is made, the boom gate opens and the customer is free to leave the car park.

In some car parks where payment is a standard flat rate, an attendant may take payment as you enter the car park and issue you with a ticket to display on your dashboard.  Where car parking is priced on an hourly rate, the friendly Care Park attendant may issue you with a ticket upon arrival.  The applicable fee will be calculated on leaving the facility and payment is made to the attendant.