I reported a ticket machine fault, but still received a Payment Notice for not having a ticket.  What should I do?
All ticket machine faults that are reported by our customers are recorded in our database and are used as a reference by our Disputes Officer in the event that a Payment Notice is issued.  You should complete an Application for Review form and dispute the Payment Notice through our regular dispute processes.  Click below for more information regarding disputing a Payment Notice.

I seem to have constant problems with the ticket machines.  Why?
There are many factors which may lead to a ticket machine fault, such as:

  • The ticket machine has run out of change
  • The ticket machine has run out of paper
  • Too many coins were used (especially excessive amounts of silver)
  • Software problems
  • Damage or improper use by other patrons

Our ticket machines are monitored daily and serviced regularly, but unfortunately faults can and will occur from time to time.  You may want to consider alternatives to casual parking, such as:

… to avoid any possible ticket machine faults.

Why does it take so long to process my refund?
With the exception of refund requests where a refund receipt has been issued, all refund requests must be approved by our Operations Team. This requires cross-referencing faulty machine logs and reports from our technicians to assess the legitimacy of the refund request.

Why can’t I come in to your office and receive my refund in cash?
Firstly, Care Park does not keep cash on its premises.  Secondly, all refund requests must first be approved by our Operations Team before they can be processed.

Why can’t I receive my refund in the form of a cheque?
Most refunds for ticket machine faults are for amounts under $5.00.  The cost of processing cheques generally exceeds the amount to be refunded and is time consuming for the customer.  Direct deposits and refunds to credit cards allow refunds to be given to our customers more conveniently and more swiftly.