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Payment Notices

You're probably visiting this page after receiving a Payment Notice or reminder letter.  A Payment Notice is not a fine - but rather, is a demand for payment of liquidated damages for breach of contract.  Payment Notices are securely affixed to the windscreen of a vehicle detected in breach of the contractual conditions of parking. 

As with most parking facilities, our car parks are patrolled by parking officers, whose task is to ensure that those customers who do pay for our facilities don't have to subsidise those who don't pay.  They also check to ensure that only those entitled to park in disabled bays do so.  It's all about ensuring fairness - to our valued customers and to our clients for whom we operate the car parks.

Most payment notices are issued for the following breaches:

  • Failure to display a current ticket on the dashboard
  • Parking in a disabled bay without displaying a current ticket and disability permit
  • Parking in a loading zone
  • Exceeding parking hour limits

All we ask of those using our car parks is for compliance with our terms and conditions!  Persons to whom a Payment Notice is issued will receive a reminder if the notice remains unpaid.  Beyond that, we have retained Parke Lawyers Pty Ltd to pursue unpaid Payment Notices in the courts.


Payment is due within 14 days of the issue date.  To pay by MasterCard or Visa, click here or phone Care Park toll-free on 1300 760 544.  If you prefer, you can pay in person any Post Office or to pay by mail, post a cheque or money order (with the payment notice number written on the rear) to:

Care Park Pty Ltd
P O Box 191


Payment notice being issued
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