Hotel doonas keep families warm


Care Park is much more than parking and its employees are always finding ways to contribute to community initiatives.

Care Park sales manager Jenna White was recently talking to one of Care Park’s corporate clients – Carol Douglas of the Vibe Hotel Melbourne and heard there were some 100 doonas the hotel didn’t know what to do with.

The Vibe Hotel is currently undertaking a renovation of its rooms. The doonas are all in very good order and hotel quality.

“It seemed such a waste to just throw them out and I really wanted to do something with them that would help other people,” Jenna said.

Jenna recently participated in the CEO Sleepout and is a listed volunteer for the St Vinnies food van. She immediately made contact with the organisation to see what need they had for doonas and where they could be donated.

The doonas from the Vibe Hotel have all been professionally cleaned and charities will be able to distribute them to families in need.