Care Park’s Jenna White warming up CEO Sleepout fundraising


While chilly days and nights are starting to set in, one Care Park staff member is just warming up in her efforts to raise money and participate in the annual CEO Sleep Out.

The St Vincent de Paul CEO sleep out will be held on Monday 21 June in Melbourne and Care Park senior sales consultant Jenna White is busily fundraising to support the event which will see her sleeping rough for a night.

Jenna is always at the ready to support not only her colleagues and strive for excellence in the workplace, but she’s the first to put her hand up when it comes to supporting the communities around her.

Jenna heads Care Park’s sales and marketing department and despite a busy schedule that sees her going the extra distance every day to drive results for the company, she identified the CEO Sleepout as an opportunity to help an organisation that supports so many homeless people in our communities.

Jenna is no stranger to seeing homeless people, who from time to time find refuge in car parks. She endeavours to find safe accommodation solutions for them contacting services and organisations that can help the homeless.

“I have a good home, a good job and great support around me. For one night I want to experience what a homeless person’s life must be like. But this is not about just one night, it’s about how can I make a difference to these people’s lives,” Jenna said.

“I have been working hard to raise the minimum $5000 for the CEO sleepout and want to see how much more I can raise to help this worthy cause.

“I’m fortunate I have a supportive employer and Care Park has agreed to donate significantly to this cause over and beyond what I can raise.

“I’m only one person trying to make a difference, but together with all the other CEO’s and senior management staff participating in this event, we will make a significant difference to the lives of Australia’s homeless people.

Anyone who would like to donate to Jenna’s fundraising efforts can phone Care Park enquiries line: 03 9682 1733.