Our Care Assist control room services provide complete off-site support for the various parking systems and operations, providing car park owners with the many benefits afforded by off-site car park management.

Care Assist allows all Autopay car parks to be remotely monitored off-site, with real time parking support, 24 hours a day.  The infrastructure is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing advanced integration with various parking systems and multiple compatible car parks to be remotely monitored.ControlRoom1

Care Assist services offered by Care Park comprise:

  • Remote intercom monitoring
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Car park access control system monitoring and management
  • Customer service assistance
  • Customer transaction management
  • Security support

Customer service officers deployed in the control room have extensive experience and knowledge of remotely managing parking systems.  This helps ensure optimum customer service, operational continuity and continued revenue generation.  Our customer service officers have the same level of control of the parking systems as if they were on-site, allowing functions such as manual barrier raises and issuing of tickets to be performed remotely.

Where an issue may require an on-site presence, such as a barrier drive through, ticket jam or system component failure, Care Park can dispatch a trained officer to attend the site and resolve the issue. For more complex system related issues, a Care Park trained officer can coordinate a service call for technical assistance.

Care Assist allows our customer service officers the same level of control of the parking system as if they were on-site.  This feature allows us to remotely perform functions including:

  • Manual barrier raises at exit
  • Remote ticket issuing for lost ticket
  • Resetting of car park entries, exits and pay stations
  • Resetting of car park counters
  • Management of proximity cards and access

Live CCTV images from cameras installed at the car parks displays on monitoring screens in the control room. Care Park staff can monitor the car park’s entries, exits and pay stations.

Upon customer activation of the car park intercom, a live feed from any corresponding CCTV camera will be displayed at the same time as our customer service officer receives the customer’s call.

Our video management software prioritises which camera images are displayed on the large format monitoring screens.  For instance, at peak entry times, images from the car park’s entries can be displayed as priority, allowing the customer service officer to potentially identify and resolve any issues at the car park before a customer’s call.

Care Park’s Care Assist control room is capable of monitoring multiple brands of new CCTV systems and is backwards compatible with selected legacy systems via a cost effective DVR upgrade.

This function allows for full system monitoring, including identification of system alarms that may impact on the continuity of revenue generation or security, such as:

  • Faults at pay stations
  • Open pay station door
  • Low change levels or full coin and note boxes
  • Forced manual barrier raises
  • Component failure
  • Low ticket levels
  • Ticket jams
  • Unauthorised manual barrier raises

Upon receipt of the alarm, our customer service operator is able to coordinate a response for technical support.