Using automation technology at car parks is becoming an increasingly popular way to achieve labour cost reductions, extend car park trading hours and improve customer service and audit delivery.

Care Park operates a large number of car parks utilising automation technology in various environments such as shopping centres, airports, corporate profile buildings and public car parks.

All customers entering the car park stop and take a ticket from, or swipe an access card at an entry station allowing the boom gate to raise and the vehicle to gain access to the car park.

Before leaving the car park, customers visit an Autopay station, insert or scan their ticket and pay the applicable fee.  The pay station generates an exit pass after payment is processed.

To exit, customers insert or scan their ticket at an exit station, or swipe an access card, to allow the boom gate to raise for exit.

An automated system operates with entry ticket dispensers, boom gates, exit stations with credit card payment facilities, Autopay stations for payment and validation, central computer operating systems and intercom and CCTV coverage of all pay stations and entry and exit points.

An automated system lends itself to many functions that enhance the customer experience at the car park as well as providing reporting and revenue generation growth to the car park owner.  Any or all or the features listed below, to name just a few, may be offered:

  • Dynamic marketing of the car park with products such as free one-off exit passes, pre-booked parking to specialised users and opportunities for integration with nearby businesses such as discounted parking for their customers.
  • Validated, discounted parking for specific user groups or businesses featuring either a different tariff for that group, a percentage discount off the tariff or providing a period of free parking.  This may be offered as direct discounts or as subsidised parking, with Care Park invoicing the business / group sponsoring the discount.  Validated parking may also be offered on a one-off or ongoing basis.
  • The ability for customers who have forgotten to pay at an Autopay station being able to use their credit card at an exit station.  This reduces congestion caused by vehicles unable to exit due to non-payment as well as providing an additional form of payment should there be an issue with an Autopay station.
  • Charge back parking accounts, where the cost of a business visitor’s parking is charged back to the business monthly, allowing visitors to exit the car park free of charge.
  • Customers may purchase stored value cards, allowing them to pre-pay for parking by loading credit onto a card which is swiped at entry and exit.  The relevant fee is then deducted from the credit on the card.